Intership Unveils New Logo And Tagline Amidst Rebranding

Intership is proud to unveil its new modernised logo and tagline as part of its rebranding as a pure ship manager, following its management buy-out by long-term CEO Dieter Rohdenburg.

Sporting a bold, marine blue the new logo promises a modern approach via its minimal monochrome design while at the same time embracing the classical undertones of the most prevalent hue in the history of the marine world – the big blue, the colour of the sea itself – where all shipping occurs.

In short, the debuting of this logo reflects and embodies the ideal balance and fusion of the classical side of shipping, being one of the world’s oldest longstanding industries, and the contemporary touch and twist that Intership is committed to bringing both onboard and ashore.

Beneath the relaunched logo, in elegant, blue letters stands Intership’s new tagline ‘Your Ships. Our People’, directly addressing the stance and redefinition of Intership as pure ship managers. Intership’s backbone, ‘Our People’, are ready to tend to ‘Your Ships’ with expert care and skill.

Intership currently manages approximately 60 vessels in full management and more than 100 in crew management. Managed ship types include dry bulk, tankers, gas carriers, general cargo, cement carriers, PCTCs and others. Besides technical and crew management, Intership provides new building supervision, advisory on decarbonisation, marine insurance brokerage, commercial management, and other ancillary services.

For further information contact Corporate Communications Officer, Daphne Lambi, Tel +357-25847178.