Ship Basic Information

Type Bulk Carrier
Flag Cyprus
Port of registry LIMASSOL
Classification 9576741

Vessel Specific Information

NameIMOYear built DWT Lightweight
UBC HAMBURG9576741201135921 tons

Dimension and Main Data

Bowthruster Yes
Cement Hole Fitted Yes
Beam Breadth Max 27.80 m
Moulded Depth 15.60 m
Summer Draft 10.98 m
Tropical Draft 11.14 m
Tropical Freshwater Draft 11.39 m
Summer Deadweight 35921 tons
Winter Deadweight 34886 tons
Tropical Deadweight 36.94 tons
Tropical Freshwater Deadweight 36926 tons
Gross Tonnage 23054 tons
Net Tonnage 11349 tons
LOA 178.33 m
LBP 171.00 m
Crew Complement 25


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