We take it personally

Efficient and successful crew management relies on the professional selection, personalized development and effective administration of seagoing staff.

Intership prides itself of a retention rate of approximately 96% of its crew on a regular employment basis.

This is made possible through the support provided to our seafarers by our group-owned manning agencies in the Philippines and Poland as well as our own training centre – ISNTC, established in 1994.  The centre has trained thousands of cadets and offers continued education through accredited courses to our seafarers.  Our investment in training is making it possible that we now have masters and chief engineers on our ships who joined us years ago as cadets.

In addition to the physical courses at ISNTC the Hartmann e-learning web portal offers sea going and office personnel, access to over 100 e-courses online.

For Intership, the wellbeing of our seafarers is paramount.  Family Centres in Manila support our seafarers and their families by providing social support and educational activities aimed at empowering the crew and their families, in turn creating a steadfast pool of seafarers.