UBC Cartagena

Ship Basic Information

Type Pneumatic Cement Carrier
Flag Marshall Islands
Port of registry Majuro
Classification DNV G140561

Vessel Specific Information

NameIMOYear built DWT Lightweight
UBC CARTAGENA944828120098380 tons 3439 tons

Dimension and Main Data

Bowthruster Yes
Cement Hole Fitted Yes
Beam Breadth Max 19.70 m
Moulded Depth 9.70 m
Summer Draft 6.80 m
Tropical Draft 6.94 m
Tropical Freshwater Draft 7095 m
Summer Deadweight 8380 tons
Winter Deadweight 11542 tons
Tropical Deadweight 12090 tons
Tropical Freshwater Deadweight 12090 tons
Gross Tonnage 5794 tons
Net Tonnage 1866 tons
Capacity (CBM) 7653.6
LOA 117.00 m
LBP 110.00 m
Crew Complement 19


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